Planning Models for Distribution Grid: A brief Review

Piedy Del Mar Agamez Arias


The classic distribution grid planning problem was focused on determining a planning and expansion models of the electrical grid to guarantee mainly the energy supply for current and future loads and the technical and operational criteria of the grid, requiring for this, to make an orderly sequence of investments along the planning horizon. Nevertheless, the ongoing integration of distributed generation and energy storage devices has been leading to consider some changes on those models focus to deal with the complexity those integrations bring with them. In this context, this paper presents a brief review of distribution planning and expansion models with the perspective of identifying approaches, objective functions used, uncertainties analyzed, the computational and evolutionary techniques used, the dimension of the grid under analyses, among other aspects considered to solve the planning and expansion problem. This document will provide a background to find out the further works in this field.


Storage; Power Distribution; Renewable Energy Source

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