Methods for measuring association between intervention for increasing movement and productivity: systematic review

Sara Maheronnaghsh, Joana Santos, António Torres Marques, Mario Vaz


Aim: The purpose of this systematic literature review is to check papers to find the best method for measuring association between health interventions and productivity and find best intervention in workplace for increasing productivity. Method: This systematic review was performed based on PRISMA statement methodology and performed on all papers about association between productivity with intervention for increasing physical activity, published from 2007 until June 2017. The search was limited to English language items. Conclusion: The results of this systematic review demonstrate that providing interventions for workers in various workplaces have a low to high affecting on productivity, as measured by objective and organization specific metrics or subjective and self-report questionnaires. The Analyze of result showed that using different methods simultaneously can make more accuracy and precision. Also it’s better that before filling the self-report questionnaires researchers train all workers about the purpose of the study.


work performance, job satisfaction, intervention, absenteeism, sedentary

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