Roles and responsibilities of open innovation specialists based on analysis of job advertisements.

Justyna Dąbrowska, Daria Podmetina


Innovative companies are increasingly creating new open innovation functions and employing open innovation specialists to facilitate innovation processes. However, research that explores these emerging jobs remains scarce. This study examines the worldwide job market for ‘open innovation’ specialists as per job title and/or job description, and analyzes 100 job advertisements related to ‘open innovation’ specialists published during two periods in 2014 and 2016. The findings identify the key responsibilities of dedicated open innovation specialists and associated skills, and the competencies that companies seek in candidates. In addition, the findings indicate that companies need open innovation specialists to not only work in R&D departments. In addition, the ability to influence others and prior start-up experience have become basic requirements to apply for open innovation specialist positions.


Open Innovation;job skills; competencies; job description; open innovation specialist; job advertisement; roles

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