A Multi-Perspective Performance Approach for Complex Manufacturing Environments

António Almeida, Américo Azevedo


Complexity in manufacturing systems appears under a variety of aspects, namely product, processes and operations and systems. Considering that the manufacturing environment is rapidly and constantly changing, with higher levels of customization and complexity, there is higher demand for flexibility and adaptability from companies. In this context, it seems essential to explore new approaches that can support decision-makers to take better decisions concerning the action plans that they need to launch to achieve the expected strategic and operational performance and alignment goals. Companies should become able to analyse their performance drivers, understand their meaning and the feedback loops that affect them. Therefore, decision makers can look into the future, and act even before these causes affect the transformation systems efficiency and effectiveness. This paper presents an approach oriented to multi-performance measurement in complex manufacturing environments. With this approach it is expected to overcome the gap between the operational and strategic layers of a manufacturing system, in order to reduce time when measuring performance and reacting to unexpected behaviours, as well as reduce errors when taking decisions. Moreover, it is expected to decrease the time necessary to calculate an indicator or to introduce a new one into performance management process, reducing the operational costs.


Performance measurement; Complex manufacturing; Proactive behavior; KPI; Key performance indicator; Semantic interoperability; Ontology.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24840/2183-0606_004.002_0007

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